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Eliott Schultz Appraisal Service Class Descriptions


Short Attention Span Classes


Appraiser Safety in the Field


This class is a look at the hazards that we all face when we go into strange people homes or vacant houses. It is primarily geared toward residential appraisers but applies to home inspectors, real estate agents, termite inspectors and anybody else who visits houses for business.

This class cannot be currently offered for credit


Appraisal Review Trippers

This class is not intended to make you a review appraiser but is intended to help you to be aware of the kinds of common mistakes we all make without even thinking about. They can make our reports more vulnerable to appraisal reviews and rejections. This class is geared for appraisers but would prove useful information for underwriters, reviewers and anybody else who often reviews appraisals.

It is CA OREA approved for 2 CE #09355C001


The Mystery of the Three M’s

Mobile homes, Manufactured and Modular houses

 and how to tell the difference.

This class is designed to acquaint you with the differences between these three similar looking types of houses that appear very similar but are very different legally and for financing purposes. This class is for anybody in the real estate business who needs to know what they are dealing with for collateral purposes.

This class is CA OREA approved for 2 CE#09355C003


Environmental Issues for Appraisers.

This class is designed to help you recognize when you have stumbled onto an environmental hazard and when to call for help. This will not make you an expert just improve your competency for your inspections as missed hazards can cost you or your client large amounts of money if you miss them.

This class is CA OREA approved for 2 CE#09355C002


Everyday Ethics and USPAP

This class is for all of us who like to have fun learning what not to do. It is a skit format class that goes over some parts of USPAP and how everyday issues and dealings can get you into trouble. This class was a lot of fun in its test marketing and now that it is complete it will be even more fun and you can get credit for it.  This class is for anybody who likes to have fun in their classes and earn credit for it. This is not a class to satisfy your USPAP requirements but it is a lot more fun.

This class is CA OREA approved for 6 CE 09355C004


               Condos, Townhouses and PUDs and how to tell the difference

This class will center on helping you be able to tell the difference between Condos, PUDs, SFRs, Apartments and Townhouses. This is important for format and identification purposes to be sure you are appraising what you think you are appraising. This class is OREA approved for 2 CE 09355C007


                                CYA-addendum to save yourself

This class is based on advise from many sources on the things you need to put in your report to help keep yourself out of trouble and answer questions before they are asked. This is a class for anybody who has had issues with underwriters and others. This won't promise nobody will question your report but it will make it easier to cover yourself. This class is OREA approved for 2 CE 09355C006.


                                  FHA Truths and Myths


This class goes over many truths and myths that have surrounded FHA appraisals. It also goes over the most recent mortgagee letters and qualifications to do appraisals for FHA. This class has been well received in test marketing. This class is now approved for 2CE 09355C005 


                              Geographic competency


This is a short two hour class that goes over the pitfalls of a lack of geographic competence and the issues it can cause. It also goes over the ways to become competent and improve your reports.  This class is currently OREA approved for 2CE #10355C009


                         The Small Residential Income property form


This class was written for the appraiser who wants to know more about how to fill in the 1025 small residential income form.  OREA approved for 2CE #10355C010


                                                Classes coming soon

            manufactured house construction and appraisal


This class will include a video tour of a manufactured house factory and  we will go over some of the differences between site built and manufactured house appraisals.  This class is being written and should be ready by the end of the summer. This is anticipated to be a 2 CE class.

                   HOUSE STLYES AND TYPES

This class ties into the requirements of more lenders to want to have better descriptions of the houses using proper terms for style. This class is currently being written and should be ready for presentation in spring of 2012.  This class will go over the tell tale signs of the different styles of houses that have evolved over the years and how to identify them.  This class will incorporate not only sight built houses, but manufactured, mobile homes, condos and other types of residential properties.


                                            Appraisal Reviewers Refresher

 This class was written with the reviewer in mind that is either just getting started as a reviewer or would like a refresher on how to do a review. It will focus on the actual review of the Fannie Mae appraisal and review forms in a step by step format. This is a practical class for reviewers. This class is not OREA approved yet

The classes that are not yet approved can be with enough notice for 2 CE each or can be presented at your dinner or breakfast meetings without credit.


                                        Appraisal Truths and Myths for Agents       


This class was written for the typical agent and goes over some of the myths they were told by others and tips on how to make the appraisal experience better for all concerned. There is no credit for this class and I doubt it will be submitted for any but it is a good class if you want it presented to a real estate office for agents information. 


                                     Introduction to Green Technology in the field


 This class is currently being written and is intended for the appraiser who is not familiar with the changing landscapes of the green technology and how it appears on your subject property. It will discuss the various alternative fuels, insulation levels and r factors and other improvements that will make a house more energy efficient. This class is not OREA approved as yet but may be in the future or if requested.



If you are interested in scheduling a class or have questions please contact me at or 661-947-7420

If none of the classes above interest you, I also have several classes available through affiliates and The National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers that are also available.

Class attendance policy is that you attend 90% of the class time in order to get credit for the class.

The refund policy is that you will get a full refund up to 2 days before the start of the class then 50% up until class starts and then none once class starts.

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