Eliott Schultz, owner/appraiser, has been a California State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser since 1990  performing residential real property appraisal reports  in the Northern Los Angeles and South Eastern Kern Counties.  He is also a Certified Machinist and Equipment Appraiser through the N.E.B.B. Institute; which means he can also appraise all your construction and farming equipment and machinery.Specializing in the following types of properties: Single Family residences, vacant lots, condominiums , Small residential income properties.

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Tips for making an appraisal faster

Before the appraisal

1.   Respond to appraiser calls, keep appointments and be on time.

2.   Present comps you feel support your value. The appraiser may not have all the comps you do and it could cut down on need for reconsiderations of value. We cannot of course promise values but will be much more willing to consider comps before rather then after.

3.   Make sure the property is going to meet health and safety guidelines.   This is to reduce the amount of second visits needed. Have owner do things you know are going to get called out before the inspection. walk the property critically.

During the inspection

4.   If you have special items of concern, or have items to point out, including any repairs or improvements to be made prior to close, tell the appraiser during the inspection, this may also help get a better value.

5.   Have any permits or completed inspections available for the appraisers file for additions, patios, termite, roof, septic system etc. This will aide turnaround time for the report and help protect you also.

After the Appraisal Inspection

6.   Inquire to lender as to any required repairs, inspections or items noted on the report so they can be completed ASAP.

7.   Inform lender when repairs are completed so a re-inspection won’t hold up docs or funding.

8.   Septic certificates, well certificates and cleared termites are probably going to be required. 

Common causes of revisits

1.   A water heater earthquake strap and emergency release valve is required by law. No exposed water heaters.

2.   Broken/cracked windows and glass on ground or in house are safety hazards.

3.   Outlets on older houses with 3 prongs are likely not grounded and a fire hazard. They can easily be tested and should be replaced or grounded.

4.   Smoke alarms are required by law and should be installed and/or tested prior to visit.

5.   All utilities need to be on so systems can be inspected. 

6.   Cover plates are required on all outlets and switches to reduce electrical shock chances.

7.   Access to all parts of the property must be available.

These tips are provided as a partial list of things that can help save all of us time and money. It can also help save your deal if everybody isn’t scrambling to complete things for a re-inspection as the docs are being drawn. I realize it seems that you are doing some of the appraisers work; but my time saved means your deal goes that much faster and smoother and that’s your goal.

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